The Hypochondria of Miloslav Mečíř

The Hypochondria of Miloslav Mečíř, or tennis and Mitteleuropa.

Blogging after the Zonal Marking Hype

The rise of chalkboard-analysis as a case study of media and sports writing in late capitalism.

Edoardo Reja’s 4231 Machinarium

A mortar from World War I and a powerful manifesto for hybrid footballing shapes.

Portrait of Cissé in Three Colors, All Black

Three separate Cissé, all born or trained in the South of France, flickered into brief existence, like a diva waking up after a transatlantic journey.

Romanian Folksong. An Expedition into the Cultural Delta of Oţelul Galaţi

I. Like a Nijinsky Dance The city of Galaţi was, some would say still is, an unprepossessing place. This Romanian thoroughfare for such commodities as timber, cereal, and livestock was of sufficient interest for the British to have a Consulate there since before the Crimean War, around which an attractive, easy-going atmosphere of laissez-faire had […]

The Lemur’s Tale: Arsène Wenger

Can Maurice Ravel and Carl Linnaeus explain the decline of Arsenal? A profile of Arsène Wenger’s through tactical analysis, classical music and physiognomy.